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Emotional Freedom

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Emotional Freedom

New Beginning

Before we became involved with Tullynewbank Stables my daughter was in a very bad place. She was a scared, introverted highly anxious child and home schooled.

That was just over a year ago. Today I have a happy, confident, popular, social little girl who has returned to school and is doing fantastic.

She no longer attends the psychiatrist or therapists and has an amazing future in front of her she has overcome so many hurdles that before were impossible all down to the great work, dedication, knowledge, support and encouragement of Simone and staff at Tullynewbank Stables.

They are truly the light at the end of the tunnel and have transformed our lives.

My Summer At Tullynewbank

I belong to the Banbridge and Moira Group of the RDA. They break for the summer and I continue lessons at Tullynewbank Stables with Simone. If I did not get horse riding all summer, it would be detrimental to both my physical and emotional wellbeing due to my Cerebral Palsy and anxiety disorder; besides, I would miss my pony, Fritz too much!

Simone was very patient with me and she taught me how to stay calm and the benefits of breathing deeply to enable me to control my emotions and limbs so that I could steer Fritz better, all in a fun and relaxing environment. My balance has improved so much that I no longer require 2 side walkers and I actually enjoy riding Fritz for a period of time without any stirrups! I had a brilliant summer at Tullynewbank.

ADHD and Autism

My son is currently being tested for ADHD and Autism, he attends weekly sessions with Simone, I have noticed his mood has changed, he is much calmer and not worked up, he really enjoys and looks forward to visiting the stables.

Simone offers individual time and demonstrates patience, she uses tapping techniques and relates to the pony. I can’t thank her enough, he is a changed wee boy.

When anger is present I can relate back to his sessions with Simone and bring his mood down again very quickly, he is learning how to cope and understand his feelings.