Equine Assisted Learning

Simone who is the owner of Tullynewbank Stables has had a passion for horses all her life. 

Tullynewbank Stables was built and developed with a vision to introduce horses for all. 

She is a qualified Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) facilitator working with horses to help individuals and groups discover and achieve their potential. 

She is also a master practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT / tapping)  and a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner (NLP).


“Charles and I are extremely proud of Tullynewbank Stables, it has taken 20 years for us to create a facility that has become a haven for many.  Parents and children alike make friends for life, no one is judged, we support one another and most of all enjoy our wonderful horses.  Please feel free to visit us and experience Tullynewbank, you are very welcome.”

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Equine Facilitated Education