Equine-Assisted Learning

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Equine Assisted Learning at Tullynewbank StablesEAL is a process where people work with horses to develop their emotional growth, personal awareness, relationships and trust. The team involved comprises a horse or horses, one or more participants, an equestrian adviser and a facilitator.

The benefits of EAL are improved self-awareness, self-confidence, communication skills, relationship skills, problem solving and teamwork.  Horses are able to read the most subtle cues and respond to the messages people give to them in that moment with complete honesty. Horses reflect back the emotional state of the participant, so that people learn that if they change their behaviour, the horses will respond differently.

Also, accomplishing a task involving a large and powerful horse instills confidence and self-assurance which the participant can bring to other challenging situations in their lives.


equine assisted psychotherapy at Tullynewbank StablesWe also offer Equine Assisted Therapy sessions in association with Life Therapies Clinic - www.life-therapies.com



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