Pony Club January / February 2019

Welcome back to pony club and a happy new year to you all.  We have lots planned for this term and are excited to get started back.

It’s great to see so many members wearing the Pony Club jumper and we would like to encourage you all to wear your jumper every week at pony club as you all look very smart and well turned out.

As you are aware hat standards have changed over the past year and members have had lots of time to make sure their hat is within the current safety standards required for pony club.  I’m sure you would all agree that the riding hat is the most important item of safety equipment that we can wear.

We will have a night at pony club hopefully before the end of February to talk about hat safety and tag all those hats with a pony club hat tag that are up to standard. This is something all pony club branches do and no one can ride unless they have a tagged hat and we think this is a great idea for centres to introduce to help members identify the safety standard of their hat.

This term some of the groups will be working together to complete badges and awards.  Awards and badges can only be awarded to those members who attend the required number of weeks needed to complete the badges and the instructor is happy that each child has focused and done their best to achieve that badge or award.

We have some members who’s membership has lapsed, so if possible please make sure your membership is up to date as awards and badges can not be given out to non members or won’t be recognised by the pony club unless you are a member.  Please speak to Christine if you’re not sure about your membership as she has a list of members who’s membership has lapsed or is about to.


On the 30th January the senior members have a trip to Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee, BT 67 0DW.  This is a follow up from the badge work that they have been working on.  On the night they will have a course walk, look at different types of jumps, all in an international sized arena.  They will watch the course being jumped and the rider explain to them how to ride the course, as well as explain how the horse is warmed up and cooled down before it goes in to jump. This will be a very interesting night for the members, and I hope they all can attend.

If parents can drop their child off and pick up at Portmore or work with other parents to arrange lifts this would be great. Portmore is no more than a 15 min drive from Tullynewbank so hopefully this wouldn’t add to much time to your journey.

There will be no charge for this evening, pony club will cover the cost. We would like to meet at Portmore at 7pm sharp and collect again at 8.30 sharp.  Please speak to us at pony club if you require any other information.

During the week of half term in February we will not have pony club on Wed 20th, instead we plan to have a pony club Rally day on Sunday 24th. This will be like a pony camp day where everyone will ride, work on stable management and have lots of fun together.

The foals, shetlands, highlands and welsh mountains will attend from 9.30-1.00

Dartmoors, Fells, Connemaras and Shires 1.30-5.00

Pony club jumpers must be worn and there is a cost of £10.


If you would like to attend the Pony Club Rally Day please return the form below so we can prepare for the day.

Thanks Christine, Katie, Courtney and Loren



Pony Club



Name:                                                                        Will be attending the pony club rally day on Sunday 23rd February.


Signed Parent/Guardian                                                                                     

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